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With friendly advice and support throughout, creating your video can be an easy process. You can be as involved as you wish or simply let us sort it for you. What’s best for you?

The following is a general guide to how we create your videos…

Initial meeting & Planning

This is where we get to know each other, ask questions and highlight what we’re trying to achieve. Then in person, by phone and/or emails we’ll chat about ideas and objectives, form a concept, and start creating a basic plan to make it happen. From this basic plan we can quote you a price and inform you of what’s needed to make your project happen.

This is a very collaborative and open process.


If you’re happy with your basic plan and quote, on receiving your first payment (depending on your payment plan), we’ll start putting ‘meat on the bones’ and add more detail to your project. Things like dates, scripts, graphics, and voice overs need to be agreed and any preparations for the shoot will have to be organised ahead of production. Unless there are specific things that you’re more suited to sort, such as organising your business premises, we can arrange everything. We will keep you informed throughout.


On the day of the shoot we’ll arrive ahead of schedule to prepare, set-up, and brief all who may be involved. We’ll then lead the way by directing both crew and talent to capture the footage we need for your video. Through good planning and preparation these days are normally productive and fun.

Post Production

With the footage captured we’ll bring all the separate pieces together to make your video work. Just like a giant jig-saw puzzle we’ll make sure all the correct pieces fit together perfectly so your video looks great and achieves its purpose. On viewing a draft version of your video you’ll be able to suggest minor adjustments or simply sign it off as complete. At this stage we’ll ask for your final payment.

Final Product – Host your product for free

Your completed video will then be prepared in a suitable format as per your original requirements. Where your video is to be used for web applications we’ll offer to host it for you. Professional hosting offers a number of benefits over services such as You Tube and is provided by Silver Knight Media for FREE.


Depending on the usual suspects, availability and complexity etc., your completed project can be completed very quickly, normally in a matter of days.

Silver Knight Media is passionate about producing high quality digital video that reflects your brand, communicates your message and connects with your target audience. As a standalone project or as part of a package, we’ll help make your business look great and make more money!