1) A picture is worth a thousand words.

1000-wordsAccording to research people tend to remember 20% of the things they hear, 30% of the things they see and a whopping 70% of what they see and hear together. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research goes further explaining that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

2) Match and exceed client expectations

Your clients, like any customers, want their information fast and easily!

Give it to them. People often search a number of sites before finding what they want and anything that makes this task easier and more enjoyable is warmly received. Video currently accounts for 57% of web traffic and Cisco predicts that to rise to 90% by 2016!

social3) Become more social

By posting interesting material such as ‘how to’ videos onto social media sites you can develop a following and draw more people to your website. Video is easy to share and in instances can become viral, being seen by millions of people worldwide. This can increase visitors, boost S.E.O., increase your credibility and keep you in the minds of prospective clients.

4) Be seen by more people

Video on your website can improve your search engine ratings and ensure your site gains prominence in the search results delivered. Google actively rank websites with video higher than static websites increasing the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. (Forrester, January 2010).

5) Is your website sticky?

stickyResearch has found that visitors to your website can leave within 6 seconds if it doesn’t grab their attention. The average time spent on a website without video is only 48 seconds!

Websites with video content grab attention and keep people there for approximately 6 minutes!

Statistics prove that the chances of a person buying from you dramatically increase the longer they stay on your website.

6) Increase your odds

Products and services that are promoted by video increase interest, enquiries and the probability of a sale by 85%! (Internet Retailer, Apr 2010).

Your customers can see that your business is serious and relevant, proving to them that it’s the real deal, substantial and purposeful.

trust7) Build trust, credibility and rapport

A recent study discovered that people were more likely to spend time with someone they knew but didn’t like, rather than with a stranger. Presenting yourself, your products and services on video helps you to build familiarity and with it trust, credibility and rapport. Give your products and services a face and personality – viewers of video also perceive presenters as experts in their field.

8) Openness and trust

Genuine video testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to show that you are trusted and can deliver on your products and services. They show that you care about your customer’s buying experience, help to promote you more and also prove that you create relationships with your customers and not just sell to them, a very important unconscious action to portray.

Written testimonials just don’t pack the punch of video!

interesting9) Be interesting

The use of video in email marketing (and social media) has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. This success has lead to the number of marketers planning to use video in email campaigns to increase fivefold.

10) Increase your productivity

Explainer and review videos that visually explain how to do something not only help to sell your products and services, they also save your time by reducing the amount of questions you have to answer via email and telephone. They remove doubt, add clarity and highlight your message, products and services in the light you wish them to be seen.

Have you ever been swayed by what others have said about a product or service? By delivering the perfect message you will help people to have a positive perception about you, your products and services.