Holistic Websites was created with a simple purpose in mind; to help therapists, practitioners and coaches like you to share your message, attract more clients and to grow your therapy business.

As a therapist myself I was lucky to learn and work with the leaders and developers of some of the most advanced techniques in human change and although the techniques I used and developed were amazing, I quickly realised that the number of people I could help was not dependent on my skills as a practitioner, but rather on my skills as a marketer and how I could get my message across, attract people’s interest and gain their trust.

I surprisingly enjoyed this side of things and as my little therapy business developed into an international training company, I moved further towards the development side of the business and on to new ventures.

Now through this website, I use my knowledge of the Holistic Health and Therapy world together with skills in marketing and psychology to create websites, content and marketing that gets you noticed, highlights your expertise, shows your professionalism and attracts more of your ideal clients.

There are millions of people around the world who can benefit from the techniques and skills you use, however, without first knowing about them, trusting in them and importantly you, they’ll never even get to try. My hope is that by working together we can change that, help more people, and help yourself too.

Much is possible and we’re here to help.