Professional Photography

Professional Photography

As a therapist, how you’re perceived can make or break your business because prospective clients aren’t just looking at your qualifications and fees, they’re looking at you.

Through professional photographs and by presenting yourself in a way that matches your client’s expectations, you can highlight your professionalism and guide people to perceive you and your abilities in a better way for your business.

This isn’t about beauty or being a cover model but about being perceived in the right way to develop trust and confidence in potential clients who can later book with you. They know exactly what they’re looking for (even if it’s unconsciously) and it should be your aim to deliver that to them.

This applies to all your marketing including social media pages etc. People tend to do some research when it comes to their health  and will check you out before booking.

Better images will help to attract clients to you. Make it count.

You wouldn’t buy a product without seeing it yet in this business, you are the product!

Collection pic


The images above are low res screen shots of video clients and not photographs.