Branding Your Therapy Business

Branding is everywhere in the business world but it's not just for the big boys and girls. Branding is an essential ingredient for your therapy business and website too. You see branding isn't just about having a nice looking logo, it's much more than that. It's about presenting your business identity to the world in [...]

Who’s Your Therapy Business For?

Is your therapy business available to everybody? In this blog post, I share why that might not be the greatest idea...   How many presents have you bought people over the years? How did you choose what to buy? When my son started school and was being invited to all those kids birthday parties (as they [...]

Facebook for Therapists

The success of your therapy business will likely depend on how many clients you can help: If you can attract more clients, you'll be able to help more clients and as an added benefit, you can make more money too. But how do you find these clients in the first place? Well, that's totally down [...]

Are Therapy Directories Worth It?

Even if you're just starting out in the therapy world you might already be familiar with online therapy directories; external websites that promote your therapy business by putting your details in front of potential clients. In theory these directories seem like a great idea; you pay a monthly or yearly subscription, add your details to [...]

How Do Clients See You?

Have you ever sold anything on eBay? If you have you'll have seen that as well as having the option of adding a free photograph of what you're selling, eBay also allows you the option of adding up to 10 more additional photographs. Why do they do that? Because eBay knows that photographs help to [...]

How To Catch More Therapy Clients

When it comes to attracting clients to your therapy business many therapists still try to target anyone who's out there: Like trawler fishermen they'll cast their marketing nets into a vast ocean of people and hope that when they pull the nets up they'll have caught a client or two. But like trawler fishermen, catching [...]

Investing In Your Therapy Business

When I was starting out in the therapy business, I honestly thought investing in my business was all about investing in me; the techniques I could learn and master to help my clients. And in some ways it was true, all apart from one key point: The best practitioner in the world is pretty useless [...]

Therapy Fees – What Should You Charge?

I've been around the block when it comes to the holistic health and therapy world and I've seen the fees therapists charge vary greatly from nothing up to £250 and more for a 60 minute session, but what is the right amount for you to charge? Well the average price for psychological therapies such as [...]

Therapy Fees: Should You Hide Them?

If there's one question I get asked more than any other it's this: Should you put your therapy fees on your website so people can see what you charge? OR Should you hide your fees so prospective clients have to contact you to learn more? Well after viewing hundreds of different therapy websites over the [...]

Attract More Of Your Ideal Therapy Clients

As therapists, practitioners and coaches we've all had clients that were a pleasure to work with, turned up on time, paid their fee's, followed our advice, referred us to others and in general, made our work and lives more pleasurable and profitable. And we've also probably had the opposite of this too. So assuming that [...]