Branding Your Therapy Business

When you look at a logo, what impressions do you have?

Branding is everywhere in the business world but it’s not just for the big boys and girls. Branding is an essential ingredient for your therapy business and website too.

You see branding isn’t just about having a nice looking logo, it’s much more than that. It’s about presenting your business identity to the world in a way that easily defines who you are and what you do so potential clients can clearly recognise what you stand for; your beliefs, personality, and abilities.

In short, your brand helps people to form an impression of you and your business.

Through your name, website, logo, colours, fonts, language, photographs, videos and all other content, including social media posts etc. what you share with the world becomes your brand.

If you use a friendly name, friendly colours, friendly logo and friendly language etc, people can start to recognise you, your business and your brand as friendly:-)


So my question to you is…

How do want to be perceived?

Now I’m sure most of us want to be seen as friendly, welcoming and charming, however, you’re not creating a dating profile, you’re creating a therapy website and business. And just like you probably don’t want to be seen as dating anyone who will have you, (you might look a little desperate) it might be better to be a bit more specific with what you want.

Does this ring a bell?

Just as you might want a dating profile that attracts your ideal partner, it’s probably a good idea to create branding that will attract your ideal clients.

So, what are they looking for?

Well if you’ve already created a buyer persona you’ll know.

For example, if you tend to work with female clients on women’s issues, you may surmise that softer, more feminine colour schemes might work best on your website. Not because you’re stereotyping women but because more women may like those certain colours and more importantly, act on them in a way that’s beneficial to your business.

That doesn’t have to mean your website should be pink!

I know lots of women who hate pink. But you could do some research and discover what colours would work for your ideal clients. It’s a numbers game.

For example, if you know the average age and income band of these female clients, you could look at where they shop. High street shops and major brands will already be selling to similar women and could have spent £100,000’s on market research, yet if you’re smart, you can look at what they do and grab some free ideas for yourself.

(Remember just ideas. You can’t copy or steal things because you may infringe copyright rules:-)

What colours do they use?

What does their logo look like?

What font’s do they use?

What type of language do they use?

Is the shop formal or more casual?

Have they got a catalogue? (For image ideas )

You don’t want to copy everything they do (unless you’re starting a new boutique)  but use whatever ideas you gather together with what you already do and your client persona to create your own, unique brand.


Then, as you continue to build your business and people see, read or watch what you do, it will reinforce your brand identity and help potential clients to perceive you in the way you wish to be perceived, which may be professional, welcoming, credible, honest etc.

Creating a brand from scratch can seem like a lot of effort but it doesn’t have to be and once it’s done it can make everything else you do so much easier and faster. All you have to do then is be consistent.

If you want to add a post to your Facebook page you’ll know the style, quality and colour of the image to use. If you want to add your logo to something it will be ready to go and if you write something, you can do so in your own unique style.

 Another important point to remember.

As you will probably be the main person (if not the only person) in your therapy business, make sure your branding is also in line with your own personality. Trying to be someone you’re not can often look fake and if clients aren’t convinced, you’ll look foolish, lose credibility and trust.

If you haven’t got an extensive vocabiliry choice of words to use, don’t worry about it. Express yourself in your own way and attract clients that like you for who you are. This can be a HUGE benefit in the long run.

Final thought…

Branding, perceptions and pricing are all connected so getting this right from the start can make all the difference to your therapy business and save you time and money down the road. These posts may help you further…

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Any questions, comments or just want to say hello, just get in touch via Facebook or this website.

Until next time,

Keep well.

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