How To Catch More Therapy Clients

How To Catch More Therapy Clients

When it comes to attracting clients to your therapy business many therapists still try to target anyone who’s out there: Like trawler fishermen they’ll cast their marketing nets into a vast ocean of people and hope that when they pull the nets up they’ll have caught a client or two.

But like trawler fishermen, catching what you want can be tricky this way because you have no control on what you’re going to catch or if it will be worth it.

A good example of this is the traditional leaflet drop. After spending time, money and effort on creating a leaflet, more money will be spent on pushing them through letter boxes with no control over what’s going to happen next. Will a leaflet catch someone’s attention or end up going straight in the bin? Will they be seen by a potential client or by someone who thinks that all therapy is rubbish?

In reality you just don’t know, which makes this type of marketing very risky. You can spend a lot of time, money and effort and end up with nothing to show for it. This is un-targeted marketing.

But luckily there are other ways to fish. If you take the time to work out the kind of fish you want, learn where they swim, what they eat and what attracts them, you can target them more precisely. Instead of hoping that something worthwhile will swim into your net you can go directly to where your ideal fish swim and by using the right bait, drop in your line and significantly increase your chances of catching what you want. This is targeted marketing.

Guess which way of marketing is preferred by successful small businesses and entrepreneurs?

You got it, targeted marketing.

But for targeted marketing to work, you need to know who you’re targeting.

Just because the skills you have can benefit everyone, doesn’t mean that you should try to target everyone. That would be like trying to catch everything in the sea in exactly the same way.

Instead, target people with a specific issue you want to work with. So if you wanted to run a weight loss course, you would probably target people who wanted to lose weight. Where might you find people like this? How about the local gym?

So if you still wanted to produce leaflets, rather than posting them through random letter boxes to anyone and everyone, by handing them out at the local gym and targeting a specific audience, you could significantly increase your R.O.I. (Return on Investment) by catching more clients.

Detail image of a traditional fishing net

Leave Your Nets. Target your ideal fish.

Now this is just an example of how you could make a traditional form of marketing (the leaflet drop) more successful but in practice there are much better, faster and cost effective ways to target a specific audience.

Imagine being able to directly reach your target audience without having to print a thing while in your pyjamas at home! With over 90% of the British population connected to the internet in some way and with at least 70% of the population owning a smart phone, you have the potential to reach and attract potential clients anywhere at any time; locally, nationally or internationally. And with various online marketing programmes and strategies you can target them with laser like precision.

So instead of leaflets that cost you money and can end up anywhere, with targeted online marketing you can be pretty sure that your message will only be seen by people who have an interest in what you offer. What’s more, it only costs you if these targeted people read your message so your R.O.I. could be even healthier than before.

Knowing who your ideal clients are and being able to target them can be incredibly beneficial to nearly everything your business does; from website design, colours, fonts, copy, content and marketing, if you know who you are trying to attract you can create things to lure them in, create the right perceptions, build rapport, develop trust and book in more clients.

This is a subject that’s far too big to write about in a blog post but for those who are serious about building a Healthy Therapy Business, cast your eyes over our exclusive training event where we go into this and lots more business related topics in greater detail; all to help therapists like you create a better, more effective and profitable business that works for you.

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