Investing In Your Therapy Business

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Investing In Your Therapy Business

When I was starting out in the therapy business, I honestly thought investing in my business was all about investing in me; the techniques I could learn and master to help my clients. And in some ways it was true, all apart from one key point:

The best practitioner in the world is pretty useless without any clients.

To build a successful therapy business you need to be able to do more than just help people; you need to be able to attract clients who need your help and you should always keep this in mind:

If you want a successful business, you need to attract paying clients.

Over the past few years I’ve seen a number of therapists struggle to attract the number of clients they need to achieve their financial goals and obligations and yet these individuals still invest any money they have into learning more techniques.

The result: A highly qualified therapist, practitioner or coach who struggles financially.

So let me ask you a question. Are you achieving your financial goals with your therapy business?

If not be careful where you invest your money. Another string to your bow is great if you have the clients to use it on but if you don’t, you could be putting yet another nail in your business coffin.

On the other hand, by investing directly into your business, your website, content and other marketing strategies, you can attract more clients, help more people and make more money along the way. And guess what? With that extra income you can not only re-invest it into more marketing opportunities to grow your business, you’ll also have a load more money to do with as you please including more training courses, so you can fill every wall in your office with certificates.

What’s the R.O.I.?

Think of it this way. If you spend £1000 on a training course what do you get back in return? Normally just a certificate. And although it feels good at the time (I’ve been there) your return on investment (ROI) is nothing. You might have a new skill that can do wonders but unless clients can find you, trust you and like what you have to offer, you’ll be in exactly the same place as you were before the training course yet this time with less money to invest or pay the bills.

But if from the outset you invest that £1000 into your business to attract new clients, you might not get a certificate, but instead you’re more likely to make more money…

So, for ease of calculation, if you charge £100 per client and your investment of £1000 brings in 20 new clients, you have just doubled your investment! You have now the money to go on the training course and can reinvest the rest back into your business to attract even more clients.

Being a self employed therapist and your own boss can be a great way to live but only if you get the business side of things sorted as soon as possible. Having lots of qualifications won’t pay your mortgage, bills and tuition fees yet by attracting clients to your business, you can do all this and more.

Just one last thing…

Learning new skills and techniques is great and can benefit you and your clients enormously, but only if you have clients in the first place. Don’t believe for a minute that just because you learn a new skill clients will know about it and come knocking on your door. It doesn’t work that way.

Whatever skills you have you’ll still need to attract people, explain how you can help them and encourage them to choose you over the competition and to do that you need to invest in your business.

We’re here if you need us:-)

Keep well.


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