The following case study is a typical scenario that we see.

We’ve kept things brief here but cover this (and other case studies) and the implications of what happened in more detail on the course.

We do this to prevent you from making similar mistakes and to highlight more effective solutions.

We were contacted by a therapist seeking help because they weren’t attracting many new clients in their first few months of practice and running out of money fast. They had already purchased a website, written some content for it and spent £100’s on advertising yet they were not receiving many enquiries. In fact, they were only booking in 1 or 2 clients a week.

On investigating we discovered that most of their advertising wasn’t working. What’s more, the one avenue for traffic that did work by driving leads to their website wasn’t producing any results. Hundreds of potential clients were seeing a particular advert and many of them were visiting the website but this traffic wasn’t converting into clients, bookings and cash.

In one click we discovered why.

Some prospective clients were visiting the website but because it didn’t look professional, highlight the therapist, engage with visitors or build credibility and trust, people were leaving the website as soon as they found it.

In effect, this therapist was unwittingly (like many others) pushing people away from her website and paying to do so.

Lessons to learn:

Not all websites are created equal. It’s great to get a deal, but not at the expense of your business. This clients website was not worth saving and so we had to build them a new, fully functional  websites from the ground up.

Have a plan. Most of the advertising in this instance was poor, costly, had no objective and wasn’t working. It can be frustrating, but if your business isn’t ready, wait!

People can get caught up in the design of a website but the content and functionality are far more important. This clients website did nothing to engage visitors and so they left…quickly.

There were no images of the therapist on the website. Would you effectively buy something online without seeing it? Maybe, but probably not if it concerned your health. You need to build trust.

We cover all of this and much, much more on the training course.

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